Single Property Web Development

RezIntel has been created by Hotel/B&B Owners for B&B/Hotel Owners and as Hotel/B&B owners we got tired of expensive unresponsive web developers, finding ourselves months down the line with constant update issues, lots of small monthly fees and a web site that never looks as good as our competitors!


We have spent thousands of our own dollars designing and building website templates in HTML with the travel industry in mind. Specifically we have designed templates around the needs of Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Guesthouses, Serviced Apartments, Gites and other Holiday Rental accommodation.

Our templates are hard coded in HTML and hosted in the UK.

Our websites are not part of a larger site (Database) offering a website for a few $ a month and our template does not allow unproven plugin's.

See some examples of our work below

Why is this important?


Search engines look for content free of unwanted HTML

Search engines want well presented SEO that they can easily access.

Search engines also look for websites whose images are made web ready and tagged

Search engines prefer websites that are fully mobile enabled (This should NOT be an add on)

Search engines also prefer websites that are created for purpose not just a section of a larger database, companies such as 1&1, Wix and WordPress to name just a few offer cheap web solutions but in reality your website is just a section of their database.

Web sites that allow open source plug-ins such as WordPress require continual updating and every plugin could potentially allow in viruses to the site and the server.

Web sites created using the likes of WordPress require constant management and attention to avoid viral attacks.


HTML vs Wordpress and the like?


We have to be honest using WordPress and or another of the database driven sites allows you to become your own web developer, they are quite fun to use and you can quickly create your own site. It can be very rewarding and we would not stand in your way, but...

You can also end up in a mess, viral attacks when software is not updated, plugins that disappear when your websites app's are not updated, plus a host of layout issues that may/will occur when necessary updates are made.

Also the free or low cost website that was advertised, starts to become expensive as plugins ask for a few dollars here and there, it all mounts up! In truth how much have you paid for your free WordPress site?

Plus many plugin developers offer little or no support when things go wrong, and they will or maybe already have!

The main disadvantage of a website written in HTML is that you need to understand HTML coding, maybe you have this knowledge and skill set, but most accommodation owners do not, so naturally as an Accommodation Owner and not a web developer you take the seemingly easy and cheap option. We understand and did the same ourselves at first!

HTML sites can also allow the developer to keep charging for small changes and never seem to be there when you need them, which is frustrating and expensive. Are you still waiting for a web developer to call or complete your simple request?

I guess there is good and bad in both solutions, perhaps what is needed is a Hybrid an HTML website with a simple to use edit or CMS function?


What is needed is a Hybrid


A Hybrid, a web site template written in HTML but one that gives you access using CMS (Content Management System) to make changes and add key information without you needing to understand HTML.

A web site that does not need you to update it and one that does not let you update plugins that could and will bring unwanted viruses.

Our Hybrid site offers the best of both worlds, it allows you to input into your web design and content development, while maintaining a robust design and offering quality SEO.

We also wanted to make sure that Accommodation owners did not get charged* too much!

*The price depends upon the size of property and what additional features you need to add, and prices start at just $499.


What do I get for the fee? 


A Website template that is fully responsive across all monitors, tablets and smartphones.

A Website that allows you to upload and edit Images and text on places of interest near to your business

A Website that allows you to create a blog where you can upload and edit images and text as well as share them with your social media accounts.

A Website that displays your booking system 

We can also provide a booking system which integrates to Beds24 and offers full channel management capability*

A Website that allows you to upload new images and edit text on any page

A website that does not allow you to mess up the layout

A website that will allow you to do some of the SEO yourself.

A Website that allows you to add new pages (under our watchful eye)

*There is an additional charge for this, but again we believe Beds24 to be very price competitive.


What happens after the site is created?


Using Photoshop RezIntel) will enhance and make your images ready for the web, we will also show you how to tag your Photos*

RezIntel will set up the site with the text you provide creating a web ready site ready for you to go edit and develop

RezIntel will train and support you during the initial process and offer ongoing support.

RezIntel will make minor changes on an ongoing basis if you are just not able or interested in working on the website yourself

RezIntel can provide Logos*

RezIntel can also help with SEO*

RezIntel can also carry out bespoke development*

*Over 20 photos will incur additional fees, so does logo design and advanced SEO. Bespoke development should not be needed but is available at very reasonable rates.