Web Software and Services

Our suite of services and software has been developed by Accommodation Owners for Accommodation Owners, Travel Agents, Tourist office and Travel Industry Entrepreneurs.

The main objective of rezintel is to allow accommodation owners, travel agencies, tourist offices and travel entrepreneurs access to state-of-the-art technology at a price they can afford.


We do this using our 'Pay as you Grow' pricing strategy.


We also never use the word 'Free' as you will pay us for our services, but the aim all along was to create the 'Pay as you Grow' pricing strategy to give forward thinking business people access to the tools they need to compete in the travel industry at a price level they can afford.


Or did we say that already......


The first thing we ask is that you simply contact us, answer a few quick questions so we know what your business is and one of our team will contact you and discuss your needs.


After all you are the customer!