Review Management


How Valuable is 5 Star rating


You probably already know that reviews influence your existing and potential customers or perhaps you don’t quite understand the significance of reviews.



So here are some hard numbers to concider in case you don't


A Harvard study on Hotels/Restaurants showed that a difference of 1 star can translate to 9% in sales .

Volkswagen conducted a study that showed its dealerships with average reviews of 4 stars and higher got 32% more traffic than those with 2 stars and below.

Research at The Hotel School at Cornell University showed that a hotel can raise its price by 11.2% without negatively affecting sales, if it’s rated 1 star higher. The more stars you have the more money you can charge!

The bottom line is that your reviews and online reputation impact revenue.


How to Remove Negative Reviews


First don't respond to the crazy reviews created by competitors or trolls, readers know they are what they are garbage!

Focus on real and reasonable people, whos critical reviews are there in part to offer help a guidance. The vast majority of online reviews. In fact, most reviewers are reasonable about editing negative reviews and writing positive ones.

These reviewers are worth engaging and listening to because they’re the ones who can make review sites powerful marketing channels and valuable sources of customer feedback for your business.


Responding to Reviews Makes a Difference


One of the most effective, organic ways for improving your ratings is by monitoring the review sites and responding to reviewers in a manner that is quick and professional.

For negative reviews, responding gives your team the chance to get the reviewer to change, edit or delete their review in addition to winning them back as customers.


Make sure your respond to Positive Reviews


Let's face it very few of us do this, what's the point we have had a good review?

Responding builds customer loyalty, increases the chance of repeat visits and demonstrates to prospective customers that you are listening.

This let's your team know who is happy and who is not.


Monitor Reviews across a variety of sites


Here is where rezIntel comes in, we will connect you to a platform that will monitor your reviews across, tripadvisor, Expedia, AirBnb and many others

We will advise you of when a review is written and also help and support you in how you should reply to such reviews.