Online Bookings

Here at we know booking and live availability are now a standard requirement to help to promote your destination, which is why our technology is flexible and has the ability to be integrated into whatever booking option suits your needs.

Our solution also feeds booking details directly into the CRM module – giving you rich information about your visitors for future marketing campaigns and offers.

Unlike any other travel portal we have integrated our tourism portal with Beds24, one of the world leading Channel management Systems.

We also have created a Ical link just like Airbnb

What this means is that you site can connect to anyone using, AirBnB, FreetoBook and Trip Advisor (To name just a few)

Show REAL TIME availability on your website has created a front end that matches the likes of, it is visitor friendly easy to use and collects the necessary credit card information in a secure manner.

Accommodation owners can not only integrate but also use Beds24 as their channel manager of choice (Saving them money), they can also use the booking plug in on their own websites for free!.

If their sites are also in need of a refresh can provide accommodation providers with a new website!