Hotel Group Website

You perhaps run a Small, Medium or Large Group of Hotels, where each Hotel has their own website and each is registered with or the like, but you don't have a group or corporate  website.


You have a Group Website which is a corporate presentation that simply links to each of the Hotels, it does not allow your guests to see what rooms are available across the whole of your group?


Have you NOT connected your group together and leveraged the SEO power that can create?


In Summary your corporate site:

Does not handle real time reservations

Does not interface with a channel manager

All you have displayed is a list of your Hotels and often the list is out of date.

Perhaps the reason you have not done this is price, maybe you think a Real Time Corporate website would be too expensive?

At RezIntel we have spent the thousands developing a suite of software that we have tailored to work for Hotel Groups.  

All your Hotels will be connected using ical, xml or json and Guests will be able to view the availability across the whole of your group, of course any bookings are free of commissions, after all it's your website.

You can still have all the other features such as the ability to do Geo Data (Map based searches), upload information about local companies and attractions, create news items and let the World know about your Special Offers!