e-marketing/content distribution

Your emarketing activity should not be employed in isolation, separate from other activities.It must be a part of your company’s overall business development and marketing plan and strategies.

With an integrated emarketing program, you will be able to use your website and other on-line activities as key elements which complement and considerably add to your offline marketing and selling activities.

eMarketing is one of the most cost-effective solutions to build and grow your business. With that said, if not done properly, it can have an adverse effect on your ability to communicate with prospects and customers, and in turn drive traffic away.

The resulting powerful combination of the two is your key to success, whether you are looking to increase your brand awareness or your sales promotion activities, increase your sales pipeline, or you wish to improve your customer relationships, RezIntel will develop an e-marketing plan to build, and grow your business.

RezIntel will help you build email capture forms, develop your database, create templates and help your market your business to customers new, past and present.

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