Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module forms a central part of our DMS. Designed to manage all the consumer and business information that is accumulated from membership activity, Tourist Information Centres, Call centres and web site activity on a day-to-day basis.

his tool has been developed with users in mind, enabling you to create audit trails of all communications with every prospective visitor and member business in the region. Used in conjunction with our reporting module – this offers you powerful information whenever you need it.

Using the CRM module to generate on and offline mailing lists couldn’t be simpler. Our solution gives you the tools to profile your data based on lifestyle interests, booking dates, profile age etc.

 Key features include

The ability to create a new record.

Roles & responsibilities of business contacts

Lifestyle Interests of each consumer

History of all conversation details

Demographic Profiling

Booking History

Brochure Request and Fulfillment History

Market Source

Preferred method of Communication

Opt-In/Data Protection

Search and selection by all above criteria

Mail list functionality in multiple formats

Membership management

Various notes fields

The above is all basic stuff that you would expect from any database, where really score is the ability to integrate our system fully with the world leading CRM Campaign tool Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft takes you beyond sending out a simple email but allows you to build marketing campaigns.

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