Bespoke Development

We do bespoke


If you want your website to encourage customers to contact you or buy your products and services, you may need more than just a template.

Templates are great but you will stand out more with a bespoke design, it will sell your business or brand and your competitors will not also be able buy that template.

At RezIntel we'll work to enhance your existing branding or create you a whole new one, designed with your customer base in mind. Our talented designers will create a website that not only looks great but really works for you.



Next generation coding To future proof your website


We only use the very latest technology. Cutting edge HTML5, CSS3, the latest JavaScript libraries and secure forms all go to creating a great user experience that works across all modern browsers and devices.

RezIntel is a UK/Montenegró combo all our developers are all in house so you can talk to them. they may be overseas but they are all accessable, unlike many other agencies that send the development work to foreign companies where standards and support are often lacking.


Price benefits of rezIntel


Unlike  many agencies that can charge around $750 a day and more,  RezIntel's bespoke services can be purchased at an houly rate of $30. We do however insit that they are purchased in blocks of 5/10 hours, after all Rome was not build in a day!

What we can assure you that a cheaper prices DO NOT mean inferior quality.