Blogging Services


Every business is different and we look at each client and their blog as unique. When we create blogs we look at your industry, what is new and exciting and try to link your business with that snippet of news.

The aim is to identify key facts, idea's, thoughts and questions that arrise within your indutry or your local area and make sure that you and your company is part of the discussion. No comment, no clicks!


Blogging helps you discover your target audience allowing you to become an authority in your industry. It is NOT all about you, but is a way of connecting you and your product to the industry you are in. This strategy leads to success in all channels including search, social media, email and more.

But remember it doesn’t happen overnight, but does build over time. To that end we don’t provide one-time blog posts, we believe in a long-term, ongoing blogging strategy.

This approach gives your blog the best chance for success, to that end you must commit to a at least a six month program. It is so important that you look at blogging as a long-term marketing strategy.

It can takes several months for a blog to begin generating organic traffic from search engines, social media and other sources. At some point in the future traffic typically will begin to flow, slowly at first but in time you will reap the benefits. 

Blogging is a great marketing strategy on its own, but also works well with other forms of inbound and outbound marketing all of which rezintel can help you with.